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Dear friends! Welcome to the official site of the museum!

The National museum of the Republic of Buryatia is the territory of cultural and natural heritage. We save and open the past for the future.

The basic aim of the museum is to save and develop the united and varied museum area of the Republic of Buryatia as well as to provide access to the cultural values with the heightened attention to the problems of museums’ development in the municipal districts.

The main aims and strategic directions of the museums development:

  1. Reinforcement of the museum’s role as informational and cultural centers of the Republic of Buryatia for all categories of people of different age groups:
  • Construction of the new building for the National Museum in the center of Ulan-Ude which will respond to the modern standards, it will impart to the museum more status as the center of culture and tourism and also as promote to popularization of the national museum heritage of the Republic of Buryatia so to realization of the enlighten programs concerned with advancement of the museum product, creation and realization of tourist animation and interactive lessons and excursion projects;
  • creation of the restoration center on the base of the National Museum in participation with the leading federal museums;
  • acquisition and replenishment of the museum fund with the imparting to this process of systematical and theoretically substantiated character;
  • modernization of the material and technical base and introduction of the new informational and communicational technologies;
  • increase of the actual exposition’s renovation, making of the collections’ catalogues and virtual exhibitions;
  • making of the united museum space in the Internet (the museums of Buryatia in the virtual space etc.)
  • creation and implantation of the new museum programs oriented to the children (conduction of integrated lessons of the general education according to the Federal standards of education etc,)
  1. Providing of leveling of the museums’ accessibility for the townspeople and the villagers:
  • creation of the mobile system of service of the municipal districts by the travelling exhibitions;
  • Implantation of web-technologies to a practice of the museum work with the next integration to the united museum net through the providing of the virtual museum with a developing of web-sites for municipal and departmental museums.
  1. Saving and popularization of historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Buryatia, cooperation for development of the creation, organization of the cross-cultural dialogue:
  • development of the exhibition movement directed to the formation of the Republic Buryatia’s image as the region which possesses cultural and historical originality and peculiarity
  • research, saving, restoration and replenishment of the museum fund and recording the results of this work to the database;
  • popularization of the cultural heritage including the publication of the polytrophic production;
  • realization of scientific and educational, lecturer and exhibition work directed to saving and delivery of cultural traditions to young generation;
  • development of innovative thinking of children, teenagers and young people as the basic of the republic’s development for longtime period, including organization and realization of children’s festivals, competitions and exhibitions which are actualizing non-standard, creative decisions in creative work;
  • supporting of innovation projects directed to saving, development and popularization of historical and cultural heritage;
  • realization of bilateral and multilateral projects of the cultural cooperation of regional and international statuses (exhibitions, festivals, seminars, conferences etc.)
  • creation of the technical infrastructure which allows to the professional community of the museum research workers to cooperate independently of location by the development of the distance learning, professional preparing, holding of video- and teleconferences for the functioning centers of public access