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Bus Tour “Holy Hot Springs of Buryatia”

The tour starts with visiting the Nature Museum of Buryatia where tourists get knowledge about locations, classification of health resorts and mineral and thermal springs of Buryatia. The program includes visiting the mineral water springs Aryun – Bulag, Uta Bulag, the Itygilov spring. On the way a bus makes a stop to have lunch at the café with the traditional Buryat cuisine. Sightseeing places on the way: The Ivolga fortress The Ivolga fortress, the outstanding monument of the Hunnic culture, is located in 15 km away from Ulan- Ude, the capital of the Republic of Buryatia. Since the third century BC the ancient land of Buryatia has been settled by militant Hunnic tribes. The Ivolga fortress was considered to be the Northern capital of the Hunnic Empire. In the Bronze Age the Ivolga steppe was settled by various pastoral and nomadic tribes who have left burial complexes – monumental plate graves. The other types of archeological monuments testifying the legacy of the tribes of the Turks origin are Kereksurs, the kurgans surrounded by oval or square fences made of stones. Behind them are ritual places with animals’ remains. Groups of almost non visible stone plates of later nomadic tribes, the Neolithic Age graves and the Tapkhar monuments, referring to the 10th- 13th centuries are also of a great interest. Ancestors of modern Buryats who inhabited the Ivolga valley left in the cave “Bayan Tugad” rocky drawings, Petroglyphs, depicting the Sun, the Moon, human figures, animals and scenes of hunting (the […]

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The golden pages of buryatia’s history

The beginning of the trip will start from the visit to the exhibitions of the Museum of Buryatia’s History named after Matvey Khangalov. Then the participants will go by comfortable bus to the Novoselenginsk Museum of the Decembrists.

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