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the rules of behavior in the museum


  1. The visitors see the exposition and the time exhibitions according to acquired in the booking office tickets according to the actual price list
  2. The visitor has the right to order the excursion according the actual price list.
  3. The excursion work in the museum rooms is realized by the guide
  4. The amateur photography (by using small cameras, smart phones etc.) allowed for the additional payment according to the actual pricelist. The visitors can take a picture against a background of the exhibits only if they bought the ticket.
  5. To smoke, to eat, to take the opened package (with ice-cream, sunflower seeds etc.), to be in alcohol/drug state of intoxication, to enter inside the museum with any animals are forbidden
  1. The visitors should not make a noise, scream and speak loudly in the museum rooms
  2. The visitors should not disturb to one another during the watching of expositions, crowd near the one exhibit or informational stand
  3. To touch and to open the show-windows, to touch the exhibits, to go over the enclosures or administrative part of the placement are forbidden
  4. To run to the stairs and to climb to the hand-rail are forbidden
  5. The children of preschool age without accompany of adults are not admitted to the museum rooms
  6. If the visitors have found any suspicious objects (packages, bags, boxes etc.) leaved at the museum rooms they need immediately to send word to any employee of the museum
  7. Руководители группы несут ответственность за соблюдение порядка и чистоты в залах, неприкосновенность экспонатов.

The heads of the groups have the responsibility for observance of an order and a clean in the rooms and inviolability of the exhibits

  1. The visitors must observe the rules and to fulfill the requirements of the museum’s employee


The visitors and the heads of the groups have responsibility:

  1. For the offences during the visit to the museum – within established by actual administrative, criminal and civil legislation of Russia
  2. For the moral damages – within established by actual civil legislation of Russia